Disappeared is a series of four books on the topic of human-induced environmental destruction. Each book focuses on a different way that humans have altered the environment, through air pollution, rising sea levels, biodiversity loss, and a loss of food security. 

Text was curated from news articles, books, and poems. The content combines fact-based information and research along with more expressive language to give the collection both a logical and an emotional appeal. Additionally, there are captions on pages that contain lines from poems, that when read in order form a whole poem. At the back of each book there are resources for viewers to take action.

The stylistic choices I made were all based on the notion of “disappearing.” The collection features hand-made type that I created out of dirt, water, bubbles, charcoal dust, and honey to emphasize the expressive language and to give the content a lasting impact. Disappeared's goal is to be an informative yet captivating reading experience that leads the audience to consider these issues with more weight. 

Please feel free to read the actual books by clicking the links below.
The Air We Breath   |   Water Works   |   Where Wild Things Aren't   |   Tale of the Insects

Exhibition Poster
A poster summarizing the book series, that is done in the same style as the book covers. To obtain an embossed effect I used a sewing needle to carefully poke holes through the back of a chipboard sheet. 22 x 30 in.